Things I like right now.

1. Fall Clothing.

Fall may be barely present, but I’m happy as a clam to get out the boots, tights, pants and sweaters and snuggle into fall, dressed in layers and many shades of grey. I love the process of cleaning out my closet to make way for the cooler temperatures and pack away the summer things for another year. It’s kinda like christmas because a lot of the time I don’t remember what I own!

2. Decaffeinated Beverages

This is actually a faux-like. I’ll only be in “like” of anything decaffeinated for the next month or so as a naturopathic doctor tries to uncover my ongoing stomach aliments (too personal?) and has me off the delicious coffee and onto the herbal teas. It’s only day 2, and I already miss my morning jolt dearly. Funny how this absence is so noticeable; I’m not a desperate consumer of caffeine, I just really enjoy coffee.

3. The West Wing DVDs

Not to be confused with the TV ban of 2010 that I’ve upheld thus far,  the West Wing DVDs are amazing. Seven seasons of Martin Sheen rocking the presidency. Not only are the plot lines eerily realistic, the show is now over a decade old, and it’s still one of the most amazing TV dramas ever, in my opinion. (For the record, this fits within the TV ban because I’ve previously watched many of the seasons of the West Wing).

Overwhelmed, much?

Hi there, blog.
It’s me, again.
We’ve been apart as of late, and I take all the blame.
Things get busy, then busier, and busier still.
I’ve got lots of thoughts swirling around, but it takes time and effort to get them on the page – precious time and effort that I’ve had to spend on other things.
So that’s the bad news.
The even worse news is the feeling of being overwhelmed that kicks in the minute I look in my draft folder and realize that I had a bunch of ideas kicking around but didn’t seem to leave myself enough breadcrumbs to figure out, at a later date, what the ideas actually were.
So, in an effort to get back on the wagon, I’m linking a few of the most recent and interesting things that have been passed my way below.
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