One hundred trends for the year 2012

I love to speculate on trends.

Fortunately, lots of large organizations love to do this, too, and each year as I anxiously await a new calendar year, firms like Trendwathcing, TrendHunter, and my personal favourite, JWT are compiling their lists of trends that they think will make it big in the year to come.

For a look at the 2012 JWT slides, see below:

Check out slides 4 to 6 for their astonishing track record. They just knew that things like Lady Gaga, Wikileaks and Foursquare would be big, and boy, were they right!

Among the 2012 list of speculated trends there’s a few that don’t really¬†surprise¬†anyone, a few that seem completely outlandish, and others that are somewhat on the rise already.

I love this stuff because it really highlights the changes that are happening in the social fabric we live and breath every day.

My personal favs for 2012 are the following:

  • 1 – Access Everywhere (I already am starting to implement / see the benefits of this type of technology via Google Docs)
  • 5 – Anywhere, Any-way Shopping (think of grocery delivery, buying from your phone etc)
  • 9 – Baktua (I don’t like Zumba, and I doubt I’d try this, but I can easily see this ballooning in North America)
  • 12 – BYOD (I found this fascinating, and for whatever organization supports, like the Airline examples, kudos!)
  • 21 – Facial Recognition Fury (This is crazy…)
  • 22 – Fat Tax (I have read a lot about the Denmark laws and I think this is awesome)
  • 23 – Flipped Classrooms (Video content alone is an amazing teaching tool – think TED – but the evolution of education is coming)
  • 37 – Internet Enabled Cars (Love this. Already happening in the US of A)
  • 52 – Online Lives, In Print (Been seeing various iterations of printed online activity for some time, but I think the evolution of how nice it looks and what the quality of the final product will be is what will push this forward)
  • 76 – Stationary (I’m so already bought in on this trend and love local retailers, like Inkwell)
  • 87 – “Ultra” (Huh. The new “buzz word” for marketers, I guess)
  • 98 – YouTube, the new BoobTube (Yes, this is totally coming true. I watch at least 3+ YT videos a day, and if you want more crazy proof, just look at these statistics, straight from the source)

What are your picks for 2012?