Five things for the week of April 23.

Here’s what’s up this week.

1. [place] Moksha Hot Yoga. I’ve been raving about this place for almost a year now, and I’m going to keep on doing that. I’ve finally found a form of exercise that is stress relieving, fun, and feels like a workout. It’s really a perfect fitness fit for me, and I love, love, love Moksha. Have you ever done hot yoga? What do you think?

2.  [book / movie] The Help. I hate admitting to seeing a movie before reading the book, but as life gets busier and busier, my stickler self cannot stick to reading before seeing all of the time. (In fact, I’ve skipped a few books altogether in the past year, which is very unlike me. In 2006 when the Da Vinci Code was being released, I bought and read the book 32-hr before seeing the film with friends. I seem to have lost my conviction on this.) Anyway, I saw the movie when it was released last summer and just finished the book this weekend. And then I re-watched the movie. It was such a good book AND a good movie!

3. [article] Career Advice.  I’m not on the hunt for a new position, but for all those who might soon enter an interview room, here’s a fantastic article on the types fo questions you should be prepared to ask in an interview. I feel pretty savvy on this topic myself, but this list had a few suggestions I hadn’t thought of before, including questions about turnover in the role, and my favourite “Thinking back to the person who you’ve seen do this job best, what made their performance so outstanding?”.

4. [tv] Happy Endings is hilarious. Are you as addicted as I am to Happy Endings? Thank goodness Ben turned me on to this show. And, to cure the season ending blues, these GIFs were passed around on twitter this week. This one’s my fav, for sure.

PS. I kinda wish this phrase would catch on, for reals.

5. [tv] Republic of Doyle has been renewedI am so happy to hear that the CBC didn’t end up cutting ROD after the annoucement of the necessary budget cuts. Clearly, this is a moneymaker for CBC (or so I like to believe) and due to the great ratings, awesome cast and just general coolness of NFLD (right??) I know that I can look forward to another delightful season of Jake Doyle and the rest of the crew! Maybe Jill will let me guest blog every episode this time around?