25 things for the year of 25: Facing my fear of donating blood

Here are some fast facts I recently learned:

  • Every  donation of blood can save up to 3 lives
  • Donating blood doesn’t take long – about 15 minutes to have the blood collected
  • You can donate blood every 56 days*

Until recently, I’ve been chicken to give blood.

Yeah, I’ve seen the ads, I have friends who’ve done it and I’m no stranger to regular medical bloodwork, but sitting for a long period of time and watching my blood drain out of my arm never seemed all that appealing to me.

But, I’ve learned there is nothing to fear, and that the feeling of helping save lives (I’m overusing these words, but I don’t care. They sound damn good.) completely outpaces the fear. And they give you cookies when you are done!

Maybe it was the promise of cookies that made me add this to my list of 25 things for the year of 25, or maybe it was the opportunity to face fear, but whatever it was, I’m so glad I did it.

Some things are better done with friends, and what better way to spend a Saturday AM than by warming up with a skate on the Oval and then doing a little something that would make us feel good and help others?


Happily saving lives while sitting pretty

The best part is, I already know I’ll go back when my 56 days of waiting are up. It’s so easy, how could you not give blood?

If interested, visit blood.ca and sign up for your own appointment in your area. As they say, “It’s in you to give”.

*as long as you fit the criteria and can withstand answering a lot of repetitive questions about having sex with prostitutes, having sex for money, and having sex with men who’ve had sex with other men. Oh and you need to have the right amount of iron in your blood. But don’t worry, they test you for that.