Five things for the week of August 13.

This weekend was filled with friends, fun times and family. I managed to catch two different Busker acts, and although I always love to see more, getting to see the People’s Choice Award, Victor Rubliar was awesome. He’s a hilarious comedian / stunt man who works with 5 soccer balls. And, the best part – he did his show with 110% enthusiasm in the pouring rain.


Here’s five fresh things for this week:

1. Real Actors read Yelp Reviews. I love Yelp, and I think these clips are hilarious! Hope to see more of them, and I also hope that some more 4-star reviews come through, maybe with a really over the top execution. Who doesn’t love exuberance?

2. Infographic: How the poor spend their money vs. the middle class. Interesting to compare the relative %’s on various categories. Check out the short analysis at the end of the article for some additional perspective.

3. Bicycles are major cool, according to Vogue. In a recent online article, the magazine matched fashion with some very slick-looking bicycles. Check all 8 looks out here. The one below is my favorite!

4. Italian = English? There are so many things I love about this music video. The hair, the sets, the dancing – it’s hysterical. But, the whole point is to have Italian gibberish sound like English! Neat. I guess it’s kind of what we sound like to Italians?

5. Crazy memos from crazy bosses. Via Letters of Note:

From the offices of the now-defunct but at one time Houston-based Tiger Oil Company come a total of 22 enormously entertaining memos; all sent by, or on behalf of, the firm’s incredibly amusing, painfully tactless, and seemingly constantly angry CEO — Edward ‘Tiger Mike’ Davis — to his staff. Little is known about the man himself (some background can be gleaned here) and in 1980 his company filed for bankruptcy, however some years ago his inter-office communications thankfully appeared online for all to see.

Five things for the week of July 30.

I spent the weekend in St Andrews, New Brunswick at a wedding, so things are off to a sloooow start today. I’m also counting down the time I have left in NS, and I’m determined to make it count – making it to the beach is a must. What other essential “to do’s” should I have on my list?

While you mull that over, here’s my five things to share with you this week:

1. These Lanvin ads: now with real people! 

Not often do “real” people show up in advertising, but this series of ads were stylized with real individuals and are based on their real life stories.

“I was interested to bring these clothes back to the street somehow, and seeing how they look on different ages, different sizes,” [Alber] Elbaz told WWD. “It felt like a crazy family, and I like that.”

See and learn more here.

2. How and why do cats purr? Finally! The answer to a question I’ve often whiled away the hours wondering about.

3. Did you know about this? NASA is about to (attempt) to put a space station on Mars. SERIOUSLY. 


In just nine days, NASA will attempt to place its Martian Science Laboratory on Mars. It’s an operation so fraught with extreme technological challenges, the space agency calls it seven minutes of terror. By the time radio signals reach Earth and alert scientists that Curiosity Rover’s perilous descent has begun, it will actually have been over for seven minutes, and rover will be dead or alive on the surface of the red planet.

It’s all happening August 5, 2012.

4. The Art of Manliness: Bosom Buddies. Sometimes I read this site because it’s really, really interesting. Check out the photos on this post – they are positively hilarious.

5. Who owns what you watch? 

I think this infographic is going for a “shock and awe” sort of feel, but I think it’s just interesting, that’s all.

Five things for the (short) week of July 3.

Did you have a nice Canada Day weekend? I sure did. I started a DIY chair recovering project (more on that later), went fishing, saw two nights of fireworks and had not one, but two, birthday dinners! It was great.

Here’s what’s cool this week:

1. When are they in season? Beautifully designed infographics on when fruits, veg, and herbs are in season.  I think I’d like prints for my kitchen.

2. 9 beliefs of successful people. Good post that includes an interesting take on how successful people use their time, among other things.

3. HBO’s Newsroom. It’s only 2 episodes in, but I think I like it. I liked Ep 1 more than Ep 2, but that’s okay. New shows take time, and if your an Aaron Sorkin (I loved the West Wing) you’ll probably enjoy this show.

4. This Coca-Cola clip is awesome. Love this reminder that Coke’s an awesome brand.

5. This 1980’s PSA for teens is hilarious. P.s. if features Ted Danson. So, yeah.

Don’t forget to watch Part 2, too.

Five things for the week of May 28.

5 fascinating things from around the internet this past week:

1. Douglas Coupland is badass.
He’s an author, a designer, and now an inventor?! Yep, he’s creating ideas that could revolutionize the streetscapes of Vancouver, and many more cities in the future. Check out the NP article on his design for the “V-Pole”.

2. Goop’s guide to the perfect blowdry. Anyone else a fan of Gwenyth Paltrow’s goop? I really loved the latest e-delivery of some great tips on hiar styling. Here’s how to get the best blowdry.

3. Live the Life you love, Love the Life you Live. That’s all.

4. The evolution of technology. Yep.

5. Infographic: Who spends more on a date? Well, it may surprise you, but even if the man is picking up the tab, women seem to spend more on pre-date “prep”. Dating is expensive, y’all! (PS – I had no idea one dozen roses were so expensive.)