25 in 25: Running 5km, just like I said I would (2 years ago).

Two years ago, I thought I should get more serious about running.

You see, every spring when the weather starts to get nice I get the itch to get outside and jog.

I’m not very good at it, but after 10 repetitive years of trying (I was in-athletic until the age of 14, at least!), I’ve figured out a few things. And two years ago, I was managing just fine.

Or so I thought.

I’d run little spurts and evenutally string a few spurts together. I’d go home after each run and see how far I’d made it.

Two years ago I said “this is the year I’ll run 5KM”.

Because normally, I’d get to about 2.5km in one go, and I’d be too tuckered to get any farther.And let me tell you, getting all the way to 2.5 was hard work.

Well, that year came and went, and I didn’t get to 5km.

The next spring, when the weather got nice, I started to run again.I bought new clothes, thinking that’d pressure me to get value for my money, and I’d somehow make it to 5km.But then I “hurt” my knee, and decided that yoga was more “my thing” that summer.(It’s still very much my thing, which I takeaway as a good outcome from last summer).

Early in March 2012, one night on a whim, I checked the local Running Room clinic schedule and, what do you know!  The 5KM clinic started the very next day.

It was a sign, I tell you.

That next night, I took my first run of the spring, and I didn’t look back.

It wasn’t easy, but it was rewarding.

Over 10 weeks, I learned how to run hills, pace myself, run intervals and stretch my total distance all the way to 5KM.

And, I did it just in time to run in the 9th annual Bluenose Marathon 5KM Race with my newfound running clinic friends.

There were more than 2,000 runners on the course that day, and it was SO inspiring to see people of all shapes and sizes out walking and running and being active.

The best part wasn’t crossing the finish line, but seeing my mom, dad and brother cheering me on from the sidelines.

Thanks, guys. It was worth it.

My running group. We made it to the finish line together!

Five things for the week of March 19.

Here’s what’s up for this week.

1. [activity] Running Room. So, I’ve said for years that I will run 5km before the year is over. I’ve probably said that every spring, for five years running (ha), and I’m finally actioning that goal by enrolling in a 5km running clinic with the Running Room. Friends have sung their praises many times to me, so they’ve convinced me to commit. I’m only one week in, but so far it’s much more fun than I expected, and I’m looking forward to seeing progress and improvement!


 Baked Oatmeal. I love oatcakes and oatmeal, and now I’ve found the perfect combination of the two. What I like about this recipe is that it’s very filling as a breakfast serving, it doesn’t need flour, and it’s healthy! I’ve mixed it up by trading the cinnamon/nuts with cocoa powder/peanut butter, and applesauce for 1/2 a banana, mashed. I’m sure there are many other combinations that would be delicious, too!

3. [article] Is Facebook modifying behaviour? Wow, my jaw really dropped when I read this. Youth’s on spring break are actually being more reserved due to the fact that anything can appear on Facebook with the snap of a camera phone, and no one wants to get caught with their pants down, so to speak. Folks interviewed mentioned career implications as well as family and friends they are connected to as reason to avoid a bad photo op.

4. [game] This one is for the designer and artists. This neat online game tests your ability to match colours on a colour wheel, and gets more difficult as you progress. I scored a 7.8 on my first try; not bad, eh!

5. Official spoiler etiquette. Don’t you just hate when someone tells you what happened on TV last night when you were waiting to watch it on DVR later on? CollegeHumor agrees, and gathered some celebs to teach everyone the etiquette of spoiler alerts.

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