Five things for the week of November 19.

The countdown to the end of the semester is on: ten days until classes are over, but ten days seems a slim time frame for the long list of deliverables I have on my plate. I’ll cross my fingers, toes and see how she goes!
Here’s five quick interesting things for the week:

1. I’m taking a study break with Katie to see STARS and METRIC this weekend! 

2. Why videos go viral (TED talk with Kevin Allocca). A great look at the why and when things go “viral”.

3. My graphing/data visualization idol, David McCandless (Information is Beautiful) gave a TED talk. It’s awesome.

4. UBC researcher Elizabeth Dunn on happiness and money. A fascinating research topic I’ve been reading about.

5. Good grammar and writing rocks. I’ve been doing a lot of grading this past week, so as a PSA to everyone out there (both professionals and students), get a copy of White  & Strunk’s The Elements of Style. Read it. Read it again, and again. Write better.

Overwhelmed, much?

Hi there, blog.
It’s me, again.
We’ve been apart as of late, and I take all the blame.
Things get busy, then busier, and busier still.
I’ve got lots of thoughts swirling around, but it takes time and effort to get them on the page – precious time and effort that I’ve had to spend on other things.
So that’s the bad news.
The even worse news is the feeling of being overwhelmed that kicks in the minute I look in my draft folder and realize that I had a bunch of ideas kicking around but didn’t seem to leave myself enough breadcrumbs to figure out, at a later date, what the ideas actually were.
So, in an effort to get back on the wagon, I’m linking a few of the most recent and interesting things that have been passed my way below.
The worst customer service experience (News): Bell gives teen cellphone with porn (Canoe)
Population and Superpower projections (Article): More Americans than Chinese? A lot can happen in 100 years (Globe and Mail)
How web video may revolutionize the world (Video): Chris Anderson, TED curator (TED)
New favourite tune (Video): Mark Ronson – The Bike Song (YouTube)
Marketing with YouTube (Ad): Tip-pex Experience (YouTube)
Being lost without a map won’t happen to these kids (Blog): Ten things Gen-Z won’t know about (Millennial Marketing)
A hidden campaign? (Video): Girl with Catchy Dance (YouTube)